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TEOTWAWKI in Cinephilia & Beyond

While researching for "TEOTWAWKI The End of The World As We Know It" about "Stalker" by Andrei Tarkowski I have learned a lot at one of the most wonderful blogs I know about cinema CINEPHILIA & BEYOND.

Now they have written about our film and Koraljka Suton has captured the essence of our film in such a beautiful way:

"And although this may seem bleak at first glance, Neuhaus’ captivating documentary ends up being anything but. Because ultimately, the aspect of living that both Steinberger and Milton end up emphasizing, is our ability to form meaningful connections with other members of our race. Connection not only sustains us as human beings, but also enables us to organize and work together so as to create lasting change benefiting both us and the planet we live on. The potential is there and has never ceased to exist—we have proved time and time again that when united, humanity can work literal wonders. In the simplest of terms, we need each other. Our very survival depends on our ability to recognize and make use of this simple fact of life. And TEOTWAWKI–The End of the World as We Know It does a fantastic job at reminding us of this truth, just in case we have forgotten."


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